Monday, April 9, 2012

U.P. Da Punks: Back from the dead!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Finger Discount - Freedom is Dead E.P.

5 Finger Discount was a Ska-Punk/Hardcore band that was around the Marquette music scene from July 2006 - April 2009 (I was 5FD's frontman). Over our 3 years as a band we did a lot of shows locally, and a handful of shows in lower Michigan and Houghton with a slew of respected local/regional acts including Sycamore Smith, FCD, Riot 49, Front of Resistance, Stuck Lucky, Hudson Falcons, Anarkinda, I am Citizen, Denslow Cup, Poor Man's Coke, Project: Mayhem!, Luck Roger and his 9 Lives, Live to Kill, Forty Lashes, and Mustard Plug. Though we did have quite a bit of momentum we ended up going through a few inactive periods/line-up changes, over time we progressed from a pretty generic ska/punk band to a fusion of hardcore, pop punk, and ska. We didn't record much, but this is the final recording we did as a band and it's probably the only decent recording out of the lot (other than the song "My Fight" which we did exclusively for the 231 House of Muses compilation). It's rough around the edges in some spots, but we put a lot of work into writing these songs and I feel like it's an accurate representation of who we were at the time.

5 Finger Discount - Freedom is Dead E.P.
1. Phoenix Saga
2. 24/7
3. Choose Your Direction
4. This Street Sucks

5FD's line-up on this recording:
Craig Simons - Drums, Aaron Peano - Bass,
Wil Jessup - Guitar, Alex "Twat" Watanen - Vocals

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Riot 49 - Da' Bomb Demo

Riot 49 was an Oi! Punk band (from Marquette Michigan) that existed from early 2005-March 2009. When I was 18 Riot 49 was the best local band (in my opinion), 4 years later when I ask myself who my favorite local band is Riot 49 is still the first band that pops into my head. Being in the crowd at their shows filled you with an energy that isn't easily attained and I loved every single moment of it. Their fan base grew to very large numbers at the height of the 231 House of Muses and were often referred to as the 'Riot Squad' (a small percentage of the 'Riot Squad' were part of the fabled 'Unity Crew'). As years wore on Riot 49 became one of the only Marquette Punk bands with a decent sized life span, but after the departure of their bassist, Skinhead Jesse, things fell apart rapidly. They played their last show in March of 2009 with a newer line-up after nearly a year of silence. Listening to those songs one more time was an amazing gift, and I know I wasn't the only person crying when it was over. Da' Bomb Demo was recorded early on with the original line- up and although it doesn't compare to their live shows, it is nice to be able to sing along to all the early classics when I need my Oi fix.

Riot 49 - Da' Bomb Demo
1. Yesterday's Youth
2. Mary Lou
3. 99 Lives
4. My Life, My Way!
5. I Don't Need Tomorrow
6. Old Scool Heroes
7. The Fight

Original Line-Up = Wenz - Vocals, Skinhead Jesse - Lead Guitar,
The Pete - Rhythm Guitar, Darren - Bass, and Brad Miles - Drums

Luck Roger and His 9 Lives - Alive!

Luck Roger and His 9 Lives were a Psychobilly band from Marquette that existed from October 2007-March 2009. I was at pretty much every one of their shows, and though I am not usually a die hard  fan of Psychobilly I was obsessed with this band.Their live shows were amazing, but for those of you who didn't catch them live this EP does it's best to capture the furious barrage of Pychobilly madness that was Luck Roger and his 9 Lives. Download these jams and bump them in your local graveyard.

Luck Roger and His 9 Lives - Alive!
1. Intro
2. Phantasm
3. Under Contract
4. Gunslinger
5. I Don't Want to be a Zombie
6. Devil's Playground

Luck Roger's line-up: Chris Booth - Drums, Josh Madden - Bass,
Jay DeHut - Guitar, Brad Miles - Vocals

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Steady Decline - Yuppie Terrorist Demo

Steady Decline was a Hardcore Punk band from Marqutte that existed from late December of 2007-May of 2008 (I did vocals). We only played 2 shows in our existence, although we were booked for 3 other shows that were either cancelled due to weather or shut down by cops before we played. At the time we were the only Hardcore band that was going in MQT, and we influenced quite a few future Marquette Hardcore bands (Poor Man's Coke and Machete Skullfuck are both noteworthy). We were writing a bunch of new songs in early 2008 when unfortunately the band ended due to personal problems. Luckily we put together this little demo before we called it quits.

Stinkbot from Profane Existence Magazine had this to say in his review of the demo:  "The Steady Decline 'Yuppie Terrorist Demo' was recorded in guitarist Dylan's bedroom with a laptop and you definitely get that feeling listening to this 8 track CD. But knowing this is a demo going in, you get the feeling that seeing these guys in a basement would be the shit. 'Violence Breeds Power Violence' the discs first track sets the pace for the whole record and builds from a sludgy dirge into some impressive anger with vocals going from a throaty growl to snotty punk between the bands front folk. They're a pissed off bunch and throwing all of their energy into this tight little disc, I really think some time in the studio would do 'em some good but hey it's punk innit? P.S. there's a Rudimentary Peni cover on it too!"

Steady Decline - Yuppie Terrorist Demo
1. Violence Breeds Power Violence
2. Control/Revenge
3. Beating a Dead Horse (to Death)
4. Cosmetic Plague (Rudimentary Peni cover)
5. Meathead Fertilizer
6. Infinite Death Syndrome
7. No!
8. Steady Decline

SD's line-up: Craig Simons - Drums,  Wil Jessup - Bass,
Dylan Putnam Smith - Guitar, Alex "Twat" Watanen & Jen Madden - Vocals

Monday, May 4, 2009

Days Go By - 10 Song Demo

Here is the first upload I am doing: Days Go By - 10 Song Demo.


These guys were one of the most amazing bands that the U.P. has ever seen, and it's a shame that they only recorded this demo. The sound quality isn't amazing, but what it lacks in sound quality it makles up for with it's unforgiving honesty and intensity. My personal favorites are "Shudder" and "Work". Their Vocalist/Bassist went on to play bass in Criminal Damage with Paul Burdette of Tragedy/His Hero is Gone fame.

Days Go By - 10 Song Demo
1. Internal Bleeding (me and my problem)
2. Shudder
3. The Grand Funeral Procession
4. Work
5. An Empty Weight
6. Slipped
7. Self-Titled
8. Knives
9. From Margin to Center
10. Cut Hands and Dry Mouths