Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Steady Decline - Yuppie Terrorist Demo

Steady Decline was a Hardcore Punk band from Marqutte that existed from late December of 2007-May of 2008 (I did vocals). We only played 2 shows in our existence, although we were booked for 3 other shows that were either cancelled due to weather or shut down by cops before we played. At the time we were the only Hardcore band that was going in MQT, and we influenced quite a few future Marquette Hardcore bands (Poor Man's Coke and Machete Skullfuck are both noteworthy). We were writing a bunch of new songs in early 2008 when unfortunately the band ended due to personal problems. Luckily we put together this little demo before we called it quits.

Stinkbot from Profane Existence Magazine had this to say in his review of the demo:  "The Steady Decline 'Yuppie Terrorist Demo' was recorded in guitarist Dylan's bedroom with a laptop and you definitely get that feeling listening to this 8 track CD. But knowing this is a demo going in, you get the feeling that seeing these guys in a basement would be the shit. 'Violence Breeds Power Violence' the discs first track sets the pace for the whole record and builds from a sludgy dirge into some impressive anger with vocals going from a throaty growl to snotty punk between the bands front folk. They're a pissed off bunch and throwing all of their energy into this tight little disc, I really think some time in the studio would do 'em some good but hey it's punk innit? P.S. there's a Rudimentary Peni cover on it too!"

Steady Decline - Yuppie Terrorist Demo
1. Violence Breeds Power Violence
2. Control/Revenge
3. Beating a Dead Horse (to Death)
4. Cosmetic Plague (Rudimentary Peni cover)
5. Meathead Fertilizer
6. Infinite Death Syndrome
7. No!
8. Steady Decline

SD's line-up: Craig Simons - Drums,  Wil Jessup - Bass,
Dylan Putnam Smith - Guitar, Alex "Twat" Watanen & Jen Madden - Vocals

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