Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Finger Discount - Freedom is Dead E.P.

5 Finger Discount was a Ska-Punk/Hardcore band that was around the Marquette music scene from July 2006 - April 2009 (I was 5FD's frontman). Over our 3 years as a band we did a lot of shows locally, and a handful of shows in lower Michigan and Houghton with a slew of respected local/regional acts including Sycamore Smith, FCD, Riot 49, Front of Resistance, Stuck Lucky, Hudson Falcons, Anarkinda, I am Citizen, Denslow Cup, Poor Man's Coke, Project: Mayhem!, Luck Roger and his 9 Lives, Live to Kill, Forty Lashes, and Mustard Plug. Though we did have quite a bit of momentum we ended up going through a few inactive periods/line-up changes, over time we progressed from a pretty generic ska/punk band to a fusion of hardcore, pop punk, and ska. We didn't record much, but this is the final recording we did as a band and it's probably the only decent recording out of the lot (other than the song "My Fight" which we did exclusively for the 231 House of Muses compilation). It's rough around the edges in some spots, but we put a lot of work into writing these songs and I feel like it's an accurate representation of who we were at the time.

5 Finger Discount - Freedom is Dead E.P.
1. Phoenix Saga
2. 24/7
3. Choose Your Direction
4. This Street Sucks

5FD's line-up on this recording:
Craig Simons - Drums, Aaron Peano - Bass,
Wil Jessup - Guitar, Alex "Twat" Watanen - Vocals


  1. I have been tring to get your music for the longest time 5fd is awesome. Is there anyway that you could upload another folder with the other 5fd songs you have recorded like Opinions are like assholes (fav song) and combat boots im in dire need to have them. Thanks

    1. Sorry it took so long for reply, but I AM planning on uploading various demo tracks and a live set from 5FD. Hopefully you're still interested in getting your hands on them!