Saturday, July 11, 2009

Riot 49 - Da' Bomb Demo

Riot 49 was an Oi! Punk band (from Marquette Michigan) that existed from early 2005-March 2009. When I was 18 Riot 49 was the best local band (in my opinion), 4 years later when I ask myself who my favorite local band is Riot 49 is still the first band that pops into my head. Being in the crowd at their shows filled you with an energy that isn't easily attained and I loved every single moment of it. Their fan base grew to very large numbers at the height of the 231 House of Muses and were often referred to as the 'Riot Squad' (a small percentage of the 'Riot Squad' were part of the fabled 'Unity Crew'). As years wore on Riot 49 became one of the only Marquette Punk bands with a decent sized life span, but after the departure of their bassist, Skinhead Jesse, things fell apart rapidly. They played their last show in March of 2009 with a newer line-up after nearly a year of silence. Listening to those songs one more time was an amazing gift, and I know I wasn't the only person crying when it was over. Da' Bomb Demo was recorded early on with the original line- up and although it doesn't compare to their live shows, it is nice to be able to sing along to all the early classics when I need my Oi fix.

Riot 49 - Da' Bomb Demo
1. Yesterday's Youth
2. Mary Lou
3. 99 Lives
4. My Life, My Way!
5. I Don't Need Tomorrow
6. Old Scool Heroes
7. The Fight

Original Line-Up = Wenz - Vocals, Skinhead Jesse - Lead Guitar,
The Pete - Rhythm Guitar, Darren - Bass, and Brad Miles - Drums