Saturday, July 11, 2009

Luck Roger and His 9 Lives - Alive!

Luck Roger and His 9 Lives were a Psychobilly band from Marquette that existed from October 2007-March 2009. I was at pretty much every one of their shows, and though I am not usually a die hard  fan of Psychobilly I was obsessed with this band.Their live shows were amazing, but for those of you who didn't catch them live this EP does it's best to capture the furious barrage of Pychobilly madness that was Luck Roger and his 9 Lives. Download these jams and bump them in your local graveyard.

Luck Roger and His 9 Lives - Alive!
1. Intro
2. Phantasm
3. Under Contract
4. Gunslinger
5. I Don't Want to be a Zombie
6. Devil's Playground

Luck Roger's line-up: Chris Booth - Drums, Josh Madden - Bass,
Jay DeHut - Guitar, Brad Miles - Vocals

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