Monday, May 4, 2009

Upper Michigan Punk and Hardcore

Hello, this is the first of (hopefully) many blogs relating to the often forgotten or not even known about Upper Peninsula Hardcore/Punk scene. I have been in many bands up here and I have a fairly expansive collection of demos/albums of bands from our area. I will be posting links to .zip's of such gems, and I will also be posting info. about such bands.

In addition to all that I have been setting up a record collective called "U.P. da' Punx" records to help put out demos and eventually more for the bands that do need help up here. The first release should be a split CDR between the band I am currently playing bass for Violent Fucking Catastrophe (hardcore punk) and Poor Mans Coke (crustcore).

That is all for now, I should have the first .zip up within a week or 2. It'll be the 10 song demo of the now defunct political hardcore band 'Days Go By'. Their bassist/vocalist Kevin went on to play bass for Portland's Criminal Damage with Paul Burdette of Tragedy/His Hero Is Gone fame.

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